Cancellation Policy

I understand that things come up and you may have to cancel your appointment. Charges apply from 72 hours (ex weekends) Charges are in place to cover admin, overheads and time to refill slots with short notice and/or loss of income.

General Cancellation Policy

72 Hours or more notice on cancellation (ex weekends) – No charge

72 – 48 Hours notice on cancellation – 50% charge

Less than 48 Hours notice on cancellation – Full fee applies

Email to cancel. All appointment types require full payment on booking either via our online booking system or an invoice issued after booking. If you cancel your appointment, you will then be refunded minus any cancellation fee. Following that you can then re-book at a more suitable time.

Menstral Cycles

I would advise to try and book around your menstrual cycle. However I know sometimes these things can’t always be planned. Having your period will make no difference to your appointment or assessment. However if you so do wish to cancel your appointment and this is after 72hours notice within my working days (Mon-Friday) there is a last minute cancellation fee. Please email me regarding cancelling your appointment.