Appointments available and length of appointment.

Prices are available when you begin your booking via the book now buttons.

For frequently asked questions about what will happen at your appointment, please click here. After appointments all patients will receive an appropriate tailored exercise programme if needed and an email after the consultation going over findings.

Initial Pelvic Health Appointment

This assessment will be tailored to your needs and concerns. This appointment can involve an internal assessment of the pelvic floor muscles, this will be spoken about in your appointment and it can be declined. This appointment can also be for anyone during their pregnancy

Length: One Hour

Pelvic Health Review Appointment

This appointment is for anyone who has had an initial appointment and wanting to be re-assessed or progressed. There is a time limit of three months to book the review appointment within.

Length: 50 Minutes

Comprehensive Post Natal Checkup

This comprehensive post natal check up is based on your current concerns and symptoms.
This assessment would involve an abdominal check up and pelvic floor assessment if you felt comfortable for this.
This is encouraged from 6 weeks post natal for vaginal or cesarean section births. There is also no time limit on when you can get this, it does not matter if your baby is 6 weeks, 12 months to 10 years old. The post natal check up is a thorough examination for any female after having a baby.

Length: 1hr 30 minutes

Extended Initial Pelvic Health Appointment

Should you feel a one hour appointment would not be long enough please book this appointment slot. This assessment will involve a long subjective history with myself letting you have time to fully explain the history of the problem and your concerns.

Length: 1hr 30 minutes

Pregnancy Package

This provides assessment throughout your pregnancy and each appointment is altered to any concerns, your specific weeks, pre screening for pelvic floor dysfunction, exercise in pregnancy, labour advice. Pregnancy is one of the leading causes of pelvic floor dysfunction and many expected mums are not advised on this information. This is three appointments, online content included and email contact.

You can pre book these appointments on one booking.

One appointment after 12weeks to 25weeks

second appointment from 25weeks-33weeks

third appointment 33weeks-39weeks

Online resources

I realise not everyone can afford clinic appointments or many can not reach my services. I have made online content for the expected mum and the new mum.

I have post natal rehab Pilates and also mixed level Pilates on here also.